APS-HK4 APS Charger Installation Kit


Wire: 4′ 4 Gauge Black / 4′ 4 Gauge Red
Terminals: 4 Gauge copper ring
Connector: High Current Disconnect (120amp)


The APS four gauge cable kit provides all of the critical components necessary for installation of any APS Power Supply. It features a unique “quick-release” connector allowing it to be quickly and easily plugged or unplugged from any vehicle.

Included in the kit are two cable assemblies. The first assembly will be connected to the vehicle battery. The second assembly will be connected to your APS power supply. Once the kit is installed into a vehicle, the APS power supply can be quickly attached or removed by utilizing the two quick realease connectors. Proper polarity of the cables at the connector is automatically ensured. They only fit together correctly.


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