SG-1 Spray Application Tool


The SG-1 spray gun cleans up easily with warm water.

Body: Press forged brass and aluminum
Tank: 1 quart capacity

Tech Data Sheet User InstructionsThe SG-1 spray application tool from Cascade Audio Engineering is designed to spray high and low viscosity, liquid based materials. A large diameter draw tube and “big mouth” nozzle allows the SG-1 to spray VB-1X and ThermaKote. The gun disassembles easily making clean up a quick and convenient process.

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The SG-1 spray application tool is a 1-quart, internal mix, siphon feed spray gun designed to deliver high solids vibration damping and thermal control coatings.

The SG-1 features an aluminum 1-quart cup and 0.5” interior diameter draw tube to ensure maximum material flow. Additional features include delivery rate adjustment, a press forged brass handle and 0.250” nozzle opening. The spray pattern is conical with heavy particle spray. The result is product where you need it with minimal overspray.

NOTE: Notice that the back wall of the enclosure is not attached to the enclosure. This makes it easier to apply the VB-1X an cover all surfaces thoroughly. The back wall will be sprayed through the speaker opening after it has been attached


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