TK-1 Universal Trunk Kit

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The TK-1 Universal Trunk Kit includes six 12.5″ x 30″ sheets (15.6 sqft) of high-performance, lightweight VMAX and one 10″ x 10″ square of VB-5.

VMAX is a lightweight peel and stick vibration damping material that has been engineered to reduce vibration. Easy installation and it can be removed and repositioned without affecting the product’s performance.

VB-5 Neoprene Gasketing Foam is used in small pieces to eliminate any potential squeaks, rattles or buzzes caused by linkages, cables or harnesses.

The TK-1 Universal Trunk Kit contains enough material to damp one average sized trunk.

By reducing vibration, you will effectively be preventing sound energy from being converted into mechanical energy. That means you will experience increased output from your subwoofer system and realize all of the performance you paid for!



Understanding the best way to handle unwanted noise and vibration is critical, because some products work better at noise and vibration control in some areas of a vehicle than other products do. Choosing the correct products in the correct areas in a vehicle will give you the end result you are looking for!

VMAX Vibration Damping Material

The kit comes with 6 sheets of 12.5″ x 30″ (15.6 sqft) VMAX constrained layer damping material. The VMAX vibration damping material is designed to eliminate vibration through sheer force. It is a lightweight material that consists of a thin layer of butylene rubber that is bonded to a 4 mil layer of anodized aluminum. We have the lightest weight material with the thickest layer of aluminum currently available! The butylene layer is bonded to an aluminum sheet and is loaded with ceramic microspheres, which reduce weight and increase the product’s resistance to heat. The butyl, or adhesive layer on the VMAX is easy to work with and the aggressive bond will actually improve over time, especially if the surface area is wiped down and cleaned properly. Always clean the application surface area prior to installation. One very unique thing about the VMAX constrained layer damping sheets is they can be removed and reinstalled in another vehicle without destroying the VMAX product at a later point if desired.

VB-5 Neoprene Gasketing Foam

This “true” trunk kit also comes with one 10”x10” sheet of VB-5 which is a closed-cell urethane neoprene gasketing material used to cover linkages and substrates so they do not rattle or squeak. Most of the other trunk kits available on the market today only come with one product which really isn’t much of a “kit” at all. The VB-5 material that we include with our TK-1 Universal Trunk Kit makes it a “true” kit for the consumer! The VB-5 damper sheets are impervious to water and harsh chemicals making it a must have in a trunk kit, because there always seems to be a rattle or noise to be addressed in the trunk. We have helped our customers quiet down almost anything in the trunk area from rattling license plate frames, tail light assemblies, third brake lights, cables, harnesses and even interior panels!

About the Materials and Installation

The V-MAX and the VB-5 are both manufactured in the United States. The VMAX has been designed to adhere to almost any surface including sheet metal, fiberglass, plastic and even wood. Always clean surfaces before installing the product to ensure a solid bond between the damper and the vibrating substrate. Adhesion is guaranteed if the substrate is cleaned prior to installation and, because of the peel and stick adhesive layer, there is no messy glue required for the installation process. VMAX damping sheets can be trimmed easily with a razor knife or scissors to clean up any extra unnecessary pieces that may be left over after the installation process. We recommend the TK-1 Universal Trunk Kit to anyone who is dealing with any sound resonance in the trunk of their vehicle. We have solved a lot of our customer’s problems that arise after a subwoofer is installed into a trunk compartment. This happens because the sound pressure that is created by the subwoofers makes the trunk vibrate uncontrollably causing unwanted vibration and noisy rattles. By reducing vibration, you will effectively prevent sound energy from being converted into mechanical energy which translates to increased speaker output and delivers a better sounding stereo system, which is of course what you were looking for when you paid for that killer sound system!


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