VB-1S PRO Aerosol Vibration Damping Compound


Part: VB-1S PRO
Coverage: 4 ft²

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VB-1S PRO is an advanced vibration damping compound well suited for application onto exterior automotive panels such as inside the fender wells, wheel arches and the underside of the floor pan.

VB-1S PRO contains a silica-mica and ceramic load to help convert structural resonance and vibration into low level heat through friction. When cured, the VB-1S PRO product remains soft which allows it to absorb the impact of road debris.

Tech Data Sheet


VB-1S PRO is a high performance solvent-based spray-on damping compound that is easy to apply, waterproof, and cost effective. Its unique combination of silica-mica, ceramics and an advanced chemical binder greatly reduces structural resonance.

VB-1S PRO is available in convenient 20 oz. spray cans.

VB-1S PRO is immune to freezing temperatures and has a long shelf life. It sprays smoothly and evenly like spray paint. Once cured, it can also be painted.

VB-1S PRO is superior to conventional rubberized undercoating compounds due to its advanced mineral loading. Conventional undercoating weighs approximately 7 lbs/gallon.

VB-1S PRO weighs 10.3 lbs/gallon!

VB-1S PRO is an important member of a specialized family of high performance damping products engineered to work together. Consulting with a Cascade Audio Engineering specialist will allow you to select and combine these products to transform your personal space into the ultimate listening environment.

INSTALLATION NOTE: VB-1S PRO should only be applied to exterior surfaces due to prolonged outgassing.

Part: VB-1S PRO
Coverage: 4 ft²


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