VB1X Vibration Damping Compound Installation

PROJECT: 1999 Toyota Tacoma
TREATMENT: VB-1X applied onto inside of outer door skin
INSTALLER: Paul M. Messett / Cascade Audio Engineering / Bend, OR, USA

The Toyota Tacoma door before…



Step 1: Prior to the application of the VB-1X damping compound, wash the surface to be treated with warm, soapy water to remove dirt and debris. Dry the surface with a clean towel, then clean the surface once more with an aerosol glass cleaner. The aerosol glass cleaner will thoroughly remove all grease and oil contaminants from the surface.




Step 2: After the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, double check the air pressure setting and spray pattern before spraying the material onto the inside of the outer door skin. Rather than applying one thick layer, it is best to apply multiple thin layers (about 1/16″) at a time. This will allow each thin layer to dry faster (reducing the overall dry time) and prevent cracking that is usually caused by applying a layer that is too thick. The finished VB-1X film thickness should be equal to the thickness of the substrate you are damping and no greater than 1/8″ thick. The VB-1X product is purple when wet and color shifts to black as it dries.
INSTALL TIP: Tape off or remove the rubber-felt insert form the window track(s). This step will remove any chance that the window will not operate properly after treatment.


Step 3: After the application of the VB-1X material is complete, leave the door open to allow proper ventilation which will reduce the drying time of the damping compound. Take a moment to wipe off any oversrpay that may have built up on internal door components such as linkages, window tracks and door handle mechanisms.


NOTE: On the left you can see the material when wet (purple) and on the right you can see the material as it is drying (black)

vb1x-door vb1x-dry

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