VB2 Vinyl Damping Material Installation

PROJECT: 1999 Toyota Tacoma
TREATMENT: VB-2 Door Treatment
INSTALLER: Paul M. Messett / Cascade Audio Engineering / Bend, OR, USA

The Toyota Tacoma door before…


As you may have seen from the VB-1X installation, the inside of the outer body panel has been damped with a liquid vibration damping compound and allowed to air dry thoroughly.


Step 1: After having used the door panel as a template, begin the installation by applying the material in small sections. Work from the top of the door down and from the center to the outside edges. The heat gun is used to allow the material to become more pliable making it much easier to achieve 100% coverage.

INSTALL TIP: Remove the door panel from the opposite door and leave all harnesses, cables and/or linkage rods intact. This will give you an accurate indication of where these components will pass through the VB-2 vinyl sheet.


Step 2: To achieve a “dipped in plastic” appearance, it’s best to mold the VB-2 onto the surface with your fingers. A wooden roller or forming tool will leave scratches and possibly tear the material. Take your time and the installation will turn out much better than you will have ever expected.

NOTE: If the material is too hot to touch, it’s too hot to work onto the surface. At this point the material may be molten.


Here is a look at the finished VB-2 installation…


Step 3: One of the last steps when properly treating the door is to apply small pieces of VB-5 gasketing foam to prevent squeaks, rattles and panel buzz. In this case, VB-5 was used behind the linkage rod connecting the interior handle to the lock mechanism.


The speaker mounting flange was also treated with a thin strip of VB-5…


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding the installation of the VBLOK automotive noise control products.


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